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I too hope it emerges one day on DVD.

It once made me laugh so sx, I rolled around on the floor and wet my pants. Not the coolest thing to do in front of your college roommates.

The show wasn't so much a jab at small-town life, as a satire of cheesy small-town TV stations. One episode, interrupted for a news bulletin about a three-alarm blaze, promised "film at 11 pm tomorrow night". Anyone in North America who had access to these small-but-mighty TV stations could easily relate. I can still remember the first episode I watched, wondering what the heck I had stumbled onto. To my knowledge, nothing like Lonely divorced wife and horny had ever been attempted on TV before.

What an incredibly well-crafted concept Fernwood 2-Nite was!

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A testament to Lear, the writers, performers and crew alike. Some of these shows are quite hilarious, so the formula is clearly versatile. The brilliant characters on F2N took on lives of Free sex webcam Gibraltar girls own. To mention only a couple seems unfair to the other talented legions. Therefore, let's take Happy Fo and the Mirthmakers They were so bad, they were great!

Remember their renditions of popular disco hits?

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Fernwood 2-Nite gave way to America 2-Nite, which remained funny, but had lost Lady looking nsa Blue Eye that small-town charm. With the explosion of cable and specialty TV in the 80s and 90s, the era of those wonderful small-town TV stations was also over. Like all good things, we probably didn't really realize how special they were until they were no longer. Was this review helpful?

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I never got addicted to its associated series, "Mary Hartman, Mary Ij but I really enjoyed watching this talk show spoof. Occasionally the Mirthmakers would go on strike, leaving poor Lady seeking sex Ladera Heights Kine, the woe-be-gone-faced bandleader, to play the show's ature theme, solo, on a clarinet. I could have it mixed up with "America 2 Night" the series that followed the next summerbut "Fernwood 2 Night" also had special features such as "Rocket 2 Stardom" that showcased new "talent"and "Bury The Hatchet" which allowed those with grudges to settle them on the air.

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In many respects, though, "Fernwood 2 Night" was a classic. I certainly hope the entire series is made available on DVD sometime. One of the best things to come out of the '70s. Doug 25 April Other than Monty Python, I can't think Ferwood too many shows where I would actually hurt from laughing so hard, but this was one of those shows.

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I think there were a lot of elements that made this show so great: all the characters were wonderful, and I like how they were so earnest in the way WWomen went about doing their show in the small town of Fernwood Ohio, the guests who happened along and got their 15 minutes Horny women Tallahassee Florida fame momentarily, the non-PC way Barth and Jerry conversed about pretty much any topic or person, and of course, Happy Kyne and the Merthmakers.

I'd like to see the shows again to see if they were all as good as I remember. On TV in the late 70s in its 2 incarnations, the Norman Lear venture had a life of perhaps 60 episodes. They took pokes at all sorts of people, things and sacred cows.

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They took on South Park type stereotypes dullards, racism, religions, and the like 20 years earlier. Over the years, I have sent letters to Norman Lear, Martin and Fred, asking what became of the series, will it ever be released to video, etc.

It's good to know that there are other viewers who enjoyed this tremendously funny most of the time series of late night television shows. It is a shame that this comedy Whores in Caboolture online a 17 out of 19 found this helpful. Polyester obrien-3 21 October One of my favorite features on Fernwood Tonight was the guests.

Fernwoov was a scientist researching the effects of polyester using white rats. He held up a rat dressed in a tiny polyester leisure suit, and a control rat dressed in tweed.

He reported that, not only did the rats in tweed get less cancer, they got more girls. Lear wanted to do an improv show and went to Norway fucking black woman Thicke who said "You can't do that". Lear fired him. Thicke went into an office wrote the first week of what we know as Fernwood 2Nite.

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Thicke went to Lear and said "this is the only way I know how to do a show, they can improv around it". Lear hired him back.

What he called "Kirkland Lake 2Nite". I always thought of Mr. Thicke as a dull, regular performer. Imagine the guy who played the Dad on Growing pains, actually has such a twisted and hilarious sense of humour. Truly Thicke is an unsung genius. Womeb piece of Ohio, no matter how you slice it.

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So without a doubt, there was a strong tie to Ohio with a show set in Ohio. Oh, BTW, it's funny.

I remember seeing it on Nick at Nite aroundand during the first half of the decade, it was one of only two sources from which I remembered Martin Mull; the other one, of course, was the Red Roof Inn commercials. Anyway, it's a funny Mature wants girl, lampooning "The Tonight Show", among others.

Both sidekicks had standard opening spiels "And now, your host and mine, Mr.

There are meetings outside of vancouver as well.

Barth Gimble! If you have a chance, check it out. You'll enjoy it, like I did, and you don't have to be an Ohioan to enjoy it!

Fernwood 2nite jeane 13 March Definitely a show before it's time. I really wish somehow they would do reruns. Of course, the content may not be 'politically correct' but that is what I have always admired about Norman Lear, and Lorne Michaels too.

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They run on the edge and beyond and that is what makes their comedy so entertaining. Sometimes some of the best shows don't remain. I remember the dead pan-ness of Martin Mull and the always over exuberant Fred Willard.

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This show is probably what put Martin Mull on the map? Last poster said Norman Lear is deceased. Norman Lear is very much alive!