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Professional looking for Paris girl

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Emails pics and stats for reply please. I like oral and like the lolking returned. Dont care about body type just be a woman who wants her fantasies fulfilled. But most of all, she is a woman who understands that her man needs disciplinepunishment when he disobeys or disappoints her.

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A dying Merlin would tell him the only was is to find his successor called the Prime Merlinian. He would give Balthzar his ring which will tell him if he found his successor. He would spend centuries trying to find him and in in New York a young boy named David touches the ring and it says David is the one.

But before he could tell David, Horvath shows up looking for the grimhold so he can release Morgan. They battle and both end up getting trapped in something that will hold them for ten years.

Ten years later David is a little shocked by the whole thing finds the thing that contains Balthazar and Horvath. He touches it and Horvath comes out and tries to get him but he escapes later Balthazar comes out and tries to tell David what's happening.

Horvath still searches for the grimhold and finds an ally.